Keala's Encounter

On August 25, my life totally changed. I thought I was the #1 Backstreet Boys fan until I found out that Dream Street was coming to Minnesota and was going to have an autograph signing. My sister, her friends and I woke up early that Saturday morning and was so pumped to meet Dream Street. When we got to the mall, there were already so many people waiting for them. The concert was the best but we couldn't wait until we had the chance to meet them. After waiting in line for what seemed like forever, it was finally our turn! My sister stepped up on the stage first. Chris was seated at the end of the table so he was the first to sign his autograph. After she got a picture with him, he grabbed a card that was given to him from a fan, folded it up and asked her to write her name and her phone number on it!!!! I couldn't believe it! This was like the first time I was actually JEALOUS of my sister! Knowing for the fact she didnt' even know what he said, she looked at Frankie and she asked him "Did he (pointing to the right) just ask me for my number?!" He said "That's what he said!" I was totally shocked! I looked at Chris wide mouthed and he jsut smiled at me, then watched my sister practically forget her name! After she finished and after the gaurd finally got her away from Chris, it was my turn to meet him. I got my picture and my cd cover signed adn moved on to Frankie. After Frankie had signed his name, I stepped over to meet Jesse <3. Right before that, I heard him ask my sister how old she was. He actually sounded dissapointed because she is a year older than him! Once again, I wish I was Kalani! I couldn't exactly hear what Matt said to me, so I just said "Yeah, thanks!" Now Greg! I heard him compliment Kalani on her name! But when I got to get his autograph and walked off the stage, he turned to Matt and said I was cute! YAY! I was soooo excited! We still love 'em, even though Chris hasn't called yet. But atleast I can say "Chris asked for my number!" (He just didn't ask me for it!)