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These are everyones answers on the whole DS situation.

My cousin and I think that the lawsuit is very upsetting. I mean, our guys are trapped in the middle of something very deppressing and mean while, they are still trying to maintain a singing career on top of that. All our support go's out to them!

Actually, I have mixed feelings about the whole lawsuit. I really feel bad for all of them, and I keep them in my prayers, but I also think Chris chose the wrong time to leave the group. He left when the others needed him most. For that, I think he acted like a traitor. Although he probably had his reasons, and Im not gonna go totally bad mouthing him, Im very mad at him for ruining my all time favorite group. I also think, even though the fans should know some of what is going on, the boys should have thier right to privacy, and every detail about the lawsuit should not be on the news stands the day after is happens. Again, I love all you guys, and I hope everything goes well.

I think that the whole lawsuit situation is a tough time for both Dream Street and the fans. I really hate seeing Dream Street like this. I know there are minimal chances that Dream Street will be back again but i have hope that they will not break up. I hope this all works out for the best!

i think the DS lawsuti situstion..well SUX compleetley!! its gona end up braken them apart!! and if it does soo many fans are gona be pist off nd there gona do sumin i duno wat but there gona do SUMIN lol well i jus hope everything werks out 4 um!! it betta lol