Dream Street Zines

This is the new section at Angels all Around. I decided to make a list of all the AOL newsletters. I know a lot of the kids would like to hear about DS without having to go to a website. So, I formed the list below. Just check out the info on it, and click the email link, and viola!

If you have an AOL newsletter, and you want it posted here, just send the following info to DreamStreetAngelz@aol.com:
Your email address (Where people email to Subscribe),
Name of the Zine,
And a brief summary of your newsletter (What's in it) and why people should subscribe to it.

List of Zines

JOIN THE OFFICIAL DS STREET TEAM! Just send a blank email to:

The one and Only
Email to Subby: VolleyballQT0801@aol.com
It HaPpEnZ eVeRYtImE wItH OuR bOyZ... DREAM STREET! fInD oUt WhAtZ hApPeNiN wIt dS wHeN u SuBsCrIbE to: ThE oNe AnD oNlY a dS fAn ZiNe AnD sItE! dOuBlE tHe FuN AnD dOuBlE tHe DrEaM sTrEeT! ~*/SweetDSchics\*~
Email to Subby: Sportsgrlmg@cs.com
All about ds (polls, news, updates, links, Yahoo! Groups, Pics, Fan of the Month, Guy of the Month, icons, special moments, say what (captions), poems, phrases, etc.etc) ppl should subscribe because i will keep u updated with all the latest news i find out, and u can participate ALOT, and its very exciting!

DS Chicks
Email to Subby: TrousdaleBaby1@aol.com
We have tuns of pics, links, News, info, iconz, backgrounds, and more! And if you have any pics of you and ds or butt pics of ds or any kind of pics please send them in! Plz tell ur friends to join!

Dream Streets Angels
Email to Subby: ds angel girl411@aol.com
This zine is way cool. It has pics, info, banners, backgrounds, cool sites on dream street and i take your requests on what you want to see in it or would like as long as it has something to do with dream street!

Dream Streets Monkeys
Email to Subby: GregsDSchick3@aol.com
well my zine is gonna be bout DS of course, and its gonna have pics ( dif. kinds:groups,single,werid) captions,fan of the month,guy of the month,S/n battles and much more. plus this is my first zine so i hope i do good lol

Ds Drives Me Crazy
Email to Subby: sportykai@aol.com
The stuff we have in it are Pics, Links, news, info, polls, quiz, backgrounds, icons, n more!!!

Dream Street Crazy!
Email to Subby: DreamStreet1890@aol.com
The stuff we have in the zine are Pics, Links, News, info, icons, backgrounds, Member of the week, baby pics of DS, Guess the body parts, N what ever people send in n alot more!

Behind the Dreams
Email to Subby: xisayyeah@aol.com
This zine is all about the five guys in Dream Street! It has lots and lots of games to participate in. Plus there are loads and loads of hott pictures of the guys and support banners too!

Email to Subby: LILSPARKLENDASKY@aol.com
THIS NeW DreEaM StReEt Zine Call DreaM StReet 24/7 By Kaleigh and Nicole includes PiCs .. LinKs .. Bios .. LyRics .. Info .. Updates .. fan Ficitons .. PoLls ..>> WorD ScraMbles .. This Or ThatS .. QuOTeS .. AnD ALOT i MEaN ALOT MOrE!!

Email to Subby: x0sobangable@aol.com
This zine is all about dream street! it's a great zine, it has e-mail backrounds, desktops, banners, graphics, news, tour dates, custom name tags, and is fun! Everyone should subby to it, because they should support the boys in every way! Plus hott pix of them!